Category: Florals


category: Florals

Hummm…..Original oil on canvas. 16 x 20 sold with gold tone frame.Humm....16X20 Oil BLandry

Steal Magnolia

category: Florals

Steal Magnolia, Original framed oil painting on 20 X 24 inch canvas. 


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Barbara Landry - Online Gallery

Welcome to my e-gallery. I consider myself a landscape artist presenting works with the palette of a colorist. My oil paintings convey a realistic beauty that is the pure fabric of the composition. By observing my environment I have learned to respect the simplistic visual that is nature's gift. Whether I paint a local landscape, flower, or a piazza in Italy, the scenes offer equal challenge to a landscape artist and comprise my body of work. They are presented here for your enjoyment and insight into my creative process.